About me

Hello, world.

Getting the necessary programming jokes out of the way, this is a brief explanation of the purpose of this blog.

I have to start with a nod to Nelson Ramon for his Jekyll template "Chalk," which I am using for this blog. I've found it beautiful, easy, and responsive. Thank you, Nelson. You can find a link to his Chalk project in the footer.

I am a cyber security engineer performing penetration tests and writing secure software. This means the posts will usually be on cyber security-related topics or software engineering. I am passionate about cryptography so there will be a good number of crypto posts as well.

I have no current plan on a regular cadence for posts; as I come across topics that interest me, I will dive into them and write up what I learn. There are also topics that I would like a chance at explaining, so posts will contain a mix of 'teaching' articles as well.

The blog layout itself is simple. The home page will contain a list of the 15 most recent articles. Each article also contains one or more tags that can be used to filter by topic. You will also find several social media buttons at the top of each page. Feel free to follow me by any of those mediums and subscribe to the blog via RSS. Each post will contain links at the bottom so you can share the article on several social media sites. Spread the word!

- Ari Kalfus